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Maintain Your Straight Smile with Orthodontic Retainers

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The Retention Phase of Treatment Is a Very Important Part of Your Care

Your braces are off and now you are ready to enjoy your brand new smile! But the key to keeping your straight smile in line after braces lies in the retention phase of your care. Wearing retainers exactly as instructed keeps your teeth from migrating back towards how they were before your treatment began. We provide specific instructions on wearing orthodontic retainers, and will help guide you through this final phase of orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic Retainers Riverview, FL

“One benefit we offer patients at our practice is being able to make retainers the same day. We have an in house lab that allows us to make the retainer the same day the patient completes their orthodontic treatment.”
Matthew Ahrens DMD

Keep Your Smile in Line With Modern Orthodontic Retainers

We offer several types of orthodontic retainers. Dr. Matt Ahrens determines the best option for you or your family member based on your individual treatment plan.
Types of retainers:

Clear Retainers

Removable, clear plastic tray that sits over the teeth for a nearly invisible appearance.

Bonded Retainer

A thin, fixed (non-removable) wire that bonds to the tongue-side surfaces of the front teeth.

Traditional Retainer

Made of acrylic and a wire that supports the appliance by resting on the front surfaces of the teeth. The acrylic portions rest on the palate and on the tongue side of the lower teeth.

Wearing Your Retainer Is Critical to Final Orthodontic Results

Dr. Matt and our team want your straight, new smile to last a lifetime. We cannot overstress the importance of wearing your retainers following the removal of braces. Retainers keep your teeth in their new positions, and must be worn for the recommended period of time. Even skipping a day or two can cause your teeth to shift, and your retainers to feel tight. Our friendly team provides instructions on how to best care for your retainers during your appointment. The plastic or acrylic material your retainer is made from may collect stain more easily. To avoid staining be sure to rinse and clean several times daily, and closely follow all care recommendations made by our team. The hard part of your treatment is over. Now go enjoy that straight, beautiful smile!

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