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Meet Our Amazing Team

Here at SouthShore Orthodontics, we aren’t just focused on exceptional results — we’re committed to fostering an environment wherein our patients know they’re receiving the best in reliability, warmth, skill, and compassion.

As such, we’re proud to have gathered a team that is passionate about the overall patient experience. We look forward to welcoming you into our office and working with you to create your perfect smile!


Meet Our Team Riverview, FL

Liliana is our Spanish speaking person and a creative asset to our marketing team. She works continuously to find new and exciting ways to make the patient experience enjoyable and satisfying. Her favorite part of the job is working with such fun and positive team.  She also enjoys getting to know the patients and seeing their reaction when they see their beautiful smiles at the end of treatment.

Likes:   Spending time with family and friends, traveling, dancing, swimming, movies, reading, sunsets, her birthday and Christmas time

Dislikes:   People that text and drive, clutter, bugs and freezing cold weather


Meet Our Team Riverview, FL

Kamina is Dr. Matt’s sidekick. They have worked alongside each other for many years. She has been a dental assistant for twelve years and enjoys spending time with each individual patient in such a calm and caring office environment.

Likes: Listening to music, spending time with family, and visiting different restaurants, and she loves to laugh

Dislikes: cats, dog hair, cold weather, spiders, lizards and negative people


Meet Our Team Riverview, FL

Lisa may be the cheerful person who answers the phone when you call or the friendly smile that greets you when you arrive.  Along with Dr. Matt, Lisa meets with our new patients at their first appointment to determine their individual treatment plan and educate them on what to expect from their orthodontic journey.   Her favorite part of the job is building relationships with our patients and watching how the clinical team skillfully transforms their smile and confidence.

Likes:   boating, Mexican food, funny people, crisp fall days, her feisty Maltese, traveling, Christian music, coffee, snow skiing, going out to dinner, hugs and hearing her boys laugh.

Dislikes:   humidity, green peppers, junk mail, the smell of dog food, walking in wet grass, arrogant people, roaches, heavy metal music, getting up in the dark and restaurants that are too cold


Meet Our Team Riverview, FL

Bobbi comes to us with over 30 years of orthodontic experience. She works alongside Dr. Matt during patient visits, changes wires, and also gives instructions on the best way to care for your braces and appliances.   Bobbi strives to make your time with us comfortable and as positive an experience she can and loves being part of a fun family atmosphere where smiles are transformed.

Likes:     dark chocolate, happy positive people, shopping, water sports, HGTV, decorating, her sweet miniature schnauzer, traveling, reading good books, and time spent hanging out with family and friends

Dislikes:     cold rainy weather, fire ants and snakes, bad drivers and heavy traffic, long lines, cleaning the house, dog hair, dirty floors and bad hair days


Meet Our Team Riverview, FL

Amanda is our team member that loves to have fun! The sillier the better! She joined our team with 14 years of Orthodontic experience. Her favorite thing about being apart of the dental field is getting to know the patients and playing a part in improving their smile!

Likes:  Going to the beach, sunsets, boating, making my little girl laugh, online shopping, Mexican food, and spending time with my family.

Dislikes:  Dirty finger nails, roaches and spiders, hearing people chew, toothpaste left in the sink, and when people interrupt.


Meet Our Team Riverview, FL

Brittney is one of our newest orthodontic assistants that moved to Florida with ten years of experience. You’ll find her mainly in the back assisting Dr. Matt with placing braces, removing braces and changing wires.  You’ll even find her upfront at times welcoming patients and helping to answer the phones.  Her favorite part of working at Southshore Orthodontics is the family vibe we provide along with making every smile worth showing.

Likes:  Pizza, tacos, snowboarding, four wheeling, baking cupcakes and cakes, shopping, manicures and playing with my daughter.

Dislikes: clowns, broccoli, bugs,  Tampa traffic, rude people and humidity.

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