How Orthodontic Treatment Can Help Sleep Apnea and Snoring

April 10, 2024

Did you know that about 45% of adults in the US sometimes snore, and 25% snore regularly? That’s a lot of noisy nights! But snoring isn’t just an annoyance, as it can disrupt both your own sleep and that of your partner. The good news is that there are solutions, one of which is orthodontic treatment. In […]

Healthy Smiles: The Link Between Straight Teeth and Oral Health

April 4, 2024

Did you know that only around 35% of Americans have naturally straight teeth? That means many people turn to orthodontics to achieve their desired smiles and maintain oral health.   In this blog post, we’ll explore how straighter teeth can lead to healthier mouths. From preventing common oral health issues to boosting confidence, the benefits are clear.  Let’s look […]

Can You Whiten Your Teeth With Braces?

March 27, 2024

Waking up with a smile that lights up the room sounds like a dream, right? Well, if you’re on a quest to discover how to make your teeth whiter with braces, you’re in for a treat.  Braces are a big step towards getting the perfect smile. But they come with their own set of challenges, […]

5 Types of Orthodontic Emergencies

March 21, 2024

Have you recently started orthodontic treatment? As many as 25% of people who see an orthodontist are adults. As a result, there’s been a steady rise in the number of adults with braces. Unfortunately, orthodontic emergencies can affect your treatment plan and oral health. What is considered an orthodontic emergency, exactly? Read on to discover five common […]

Difference Between Pediatric Orthodontist and Dentist

March 14, 2024

When selecting a dental care provider for your child, the choice between pediatric dentistry and orthodontics isn’t just a matter of flipping a coin. It’s about understanding the unique needs of your child’s growing smile and making an informed decision that impacts their future. How do you navigate this crucial choice? This article sheds light […]

How to Prevent White Spots on Teeth During Braces Treatment

March 8, 2024

Crooked teeth are very common. So much so, that you probably know multiple people who have or have had braces. Now, it’s your turn! With braces, you might have some concerns. Discoloration can take away from a new and improved smile once your brackets are removed. If you don’t want to deal with white spots […]

Do Wisdom Teeth Cause Dental Crowding?

February 28, 2024

Do Wisdom Teeth Cause Dental Crowding? If you were one of the 75% of kids who needed braces to straighten their teeth, you know how nice it is to put these treatments in your rearview mirror. Unfortunately, some adults find their crooked teeth aren’t quite as far away as they thought. This can be due to multiple different things, […]

InBrace vs. Invisalign: How to Choose The Best Option For You​

February 21, 2024

Are you wrestling with the decision between Inbrace and Invisalign for a stunning smile? This can be a significant choice that affects not just your appearance but your daily comfort and confidence. In a market flooded with orthodontic options, this article is your guide to making an informed decision. We’ll navigate through the details of […]

What Is an Overbite and How Do You Correct It?

February 14, 2024

Do your upper front teeth overlap your bottom front teeth when you bite down? Having a slight overbite is more common than you may realize, with 22% of people worldwide having one! Unfortunately, neglecting to seek overbite correction treatment could lead to problems. What exactly is an overbite, and do you need overbite treatment? Read on to learn […]

Importance of Wearing Retainer After Braces

February 8, 2024

Have you ever wondered why some smiles stay perfectly straight years after braces, while others gradually lose their alignment? The secret lies in a small, yet mighty dental hero: the retainer. After months, or even years, of wearing braces, it’s the retainer that holds the power to maintain that hard-earned smile. But its importance often […]