3 Challenges Your Child May Face Without Braces

September 1, 2020

It’s easy to think about braces as a mere tool for achieving the smile you’ve always wanted. And while the self-esteem boost that comes as a result of braces is certainly one of the primary perks for teenagers and children who are learning to come into their own, what if we told you that braces […]

Moving Forward and Keeping Your Orthodontic Care From Going “Backward”

August 20, 2020

You want the best for your child, and oftentimes that means getting the best the first time. Sadly, not all professionals are capable of living up to their promises. Other times, you may have been on the mark with your orthodontist, but helping your child with the upkeep after the fact proved challenging. In any […]

3 Easy Tips For Affordable Orthodontic Care

July 15, 2020

Braces mean a change in budgeting — that’s a fact that’s hardly in dispute. But as orthodontic care often equates to healthier teeth, easier cleaning routines down the road, and a more confident smile, it’s also well-known that orthodontic treatment is well worth the money. That being said, finding an affordable treatment plan that works […]

Going With The Flow Of A Water Flosser

June 10, 2020

Also referred to as oral irrigators, water flossers date back to 1962 when Colorado dentist Gerald Moyer was assisted by hydraulic engineer John Mattingly to design a water-based dental apparatus. The resulting design embraced the power of pressurized water to clean and strengthen the gums, as well as remove surface-level plaque. Since then, water flossers […]

Digitally Designing Your Dream Smile

March 10, 2020

As time progresses, the modern technology available to ensure both the comfort and success of orthodontic realignment processes only continues to get better. From traditional braces to ceramic alternatives and the prominent rise of clear aligners, patients and dental specialists alike are finding new ways to further customize treatment plans. And today, that technology has […]

Brushing Up On Braces Care: Children’s Dental Health Month

February 10, 2020

While every opportunity is available for you to teach your young ones about proper dental hygiene, February itself is a special month wherein professional educators and dental providers alike come together to promote these lessons in both hygiene and care. In fact, this year marks the 75th Children’s Dental Health Month, meaning it’s the perfect […]

Self-Improvement Month: Get the Smile You’ve Always Wanted!

September 17, 2019

The month of September ushers in all manner of renewal. As the fall season approaches, the world seems to reimagine itself in cooler air, breezing gently by and perhaps wafting with it the scent of pumpkin spice. Breathing a little deeper, you can close your eyes and let the season weave itself into a cocoon [...]

Braces Basics for Back to School

August 13, 2019

It’s natural for a parent to worry about their student’s well-being once the summer starts to close out. As you help them hoist their backpack over their shoulders and meet the school bus on time, you may be crossing your fingers that they keep both their chins and grades up as the academic challenges are [...]

Does my child need two phase orthodontic treatment?

July 31, 2019

When most people consider orthodontics, they imagine teenagers getting their first set, or adults who want to correct their smiles later in life. Rarely does the thought take you to a child who still has some baby teeth in their mouths. With that in mind, it may surprise you to learn that due to the [...]

Early Orthodontic Treatment: Answering All of Your Questions

June 7, 2019

It’s typical to see many children with braces around middle school or high school. In fact, braces are all but inherently associated with a child’s awkward, gawky early-teen phase, but did you know that earlier treatment can actually be beneficial to your child’s health down the line? It might not be as common to see [...]