How To Keep Your Invisible Aligners Clean

November 30, 2018

Being able to correct your teeth in a way that is both simple and hard to notice is just about a dream come true. The catch, of course, is that keeping your invisible aligners… well, invisible, takes at least a little bit of effort. And, with the holiday season comes a whole host of feasts […]

Brace yourself for a safe Thanksgiving meal

November 16, 2018

Eat and Enjoy: Approaching Your Thanksgiving Meal with Braces Tender teeth may feel like a hindrance on a holiday where all you want to do is sink your teeth into your family feast. But from turkey to corn on the cob to every other classic side dish and dessert, we want to assure you that [...]

Safety From Your Sweet Tooth: What Halloween Candy Should You Avoid If You Have Braces?

October 25, 2018

Sometimes, braces require strategy. And Halloween, in particular, is a landmine holiday full of candy and other edible goodies that have the dangerous potential to negatively impact your braces. At best, some candy may only make cleaning a more arduous task while, at worst, you’re actually putting yourself at risk for damaging or breaking your [...]

Brace Yourself for the Future: INBRACE

October 9, 2018

If you’ve spent too much time agonizing over what to do about your crooked teeth, it’s time to know that you don’t have to smile through the pain of habitual tight-lipped selfies anymore. After all, crooked teeth may be hard to hide, but the process of straightening them doesn’t have to be. Instead, find relief [...]