Orthodontic Rubber Bands for Braces in Riverview, FL

Orthodontic Elastics Are an Important Part of Creating a Straight, Healthy Smile

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Orthodontic Rubber Bands Lead to Successful End Results

Many of our patients wear elastics on their braces or invisalign at some point during treatment. But why is it so important to wear these rubber bands? Orthodontic elastics help align or correct the bite, which is how the teeth fit together when fully closed. Achieving a properly aligned bite corrects oral function in a number of ways, improving comfort, proper eating ability and equal distribution of biting forces across the mouth. We provide different types, strengths and sizes of elastics based on the specific needs of you or your family member. Our team is ready to help you successfully achieve a straight, healthy smile and enjoy lasting end results!

Want to Shorten Your Treatment Time? Consider These Tips for Wearing Elastics.

Wearing your orthodontic rubber bands as recommended moves your teeth exactly when and how Dr. Matt has planned, and shortens your treatment time in braces.
Use these tips on wearing rubber bands for the best treatment results:

Wear rubber bands properly.

Our team gives specific instructions on how to attach your rubber bands to your braces and for how long you need to wear them.

Set phone reminders to change out your bands frequently… Keep the bands fresh and tight, change out after each meal and snack. Consistency is key!

Run out of bands, stop by and get more! Even if your next appointment is close, missing even a day can affect your treatment. Additional rubber bands are ALWAYS available, they are complimentary with your treatment!

Use the right type of rubber bands

Dr. Matt provides a certain size and strength of rubber bands at different phases in treatment. Only use those given to you by our office.

Wear rubber bands for the recommended amount of time

Dr. Matt gives specific instructions on whether rubber bands should be worn on a full-time or part-time basis. Follow these instructions closely in order to prevent relapse and longer treatment times.

Your Family’s Smiles and Oral Health Are Always Our Top Priority

Dr. Matt Ahrens and our team are excited about creating healthy, straight smiles for your family. We are honored to help you reach the best possible end results, and are proud to provide a fun, relaxed, positive environment in which to receive your orthodontic care. Dr. Matt Ahrens is the only orthodontist in our practice, which means you have his undivided attention, each time you visit. You and your family never have to worry about seeing a different doctor from one appointment to the next. Your smiles and oral health are always our top priority!

Shorten your path to a straight smile by wearing your rubber bands! Call today to learn more or schedule a braces consultation.

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