InBrace – Completely Hidden Orthodontic Braces in Tampa Bay

INBRACE Orthodontics Offers a Natural, Hassle-Free Look

Designed for you. Made for real life.

Dr. Matthew Ahrens and Dr. Mary Awadallah recognize that some patients want truly invisible braces with minimal hassles or discomfort. We have invested in InBrace technology, which are braces worn behind your teeth and aren’t visible like traditional metal braces.

InBrace® is a personalized behind-the-teeth, teeth straightener – that’s completely hidden. Dr. Matt and Dr. Mary are Tampa Bay’s only providers of InBrace.

InBrace Smartwire® works like autopilot. The Smartwire is programmed with Gentleforce® technology from advanced shape memory alloy to gently move your teeth into place.

This means no monthly tightenings or tray changes. And you can eat, drink, brush and floss normally – while treatment keeps working.

InBrace treats all types of malocclusions from simple to complex cases, InBrace straightens teeth without embarrassing wires or inconvenient aligners.

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How InBrace Works

INBRACE Riverview, FL
How It Works!
InBrace Step 1 - Toothprint


Your InBrace Toothprint™ is scanned by a provider who creates a 3D image of the inside of your mouth.  Your Toothprint is used to personalize your Smartwire for the results you want.

InBrace Step 2 - CoDesign


We CoDesign your ideal smile with your InBrace provider.  InBrace programs your Smartwire with Gentleforce technology to gently move teeth into place.

InBrace Step 3 - Fitting


SouthShore Orthodontics fits you with your personalized Smartwire, and you leave your fitting – InBraced.  Treatment is completely hidden (even up close) so you can show the world your Smile Now™.

InBrace treats all types of malocclusions from simple to complex cases, InBrace straightens teeth without embarrassing wires or inconvenient aligners.

An Improved Orthodontic Experience

When seeking alternative orthodontic solutions, you should consult with a specialist who is dedicated to creating healthy, beautiful smiles. Dr. Ahrens is a board-certified orthodontist and experienced at providing orthodontic care for predictable and attractive results.


What is InBrace?
InBrace is a cutting-edge orthodontic treatment that combines the benefits of traditional braces and Invisalign. Unlike other types of braces, InBrace remains completely hidden behind your teeth – allowing you to get the smile of your dreams without the look of metal braces or aligners.


How does InBrace work?
The Smartwire is the core structure for InBrace. It’s customized for your unique tooth alignment, and uses Gentleforce technology to gently move your teeth into their ideal positions. Unlike traditional braces, there are no monthly tightenings or tray changes with InBrace.

When you get started with InBrace, we create a 3D image of your mouth using your InBrace Toothprint™. Then together, we CoDesign your desired smile. Finally, you will leave your fitting appointment with InBrace, with the personalized Smartwire discreetly in place.


Is InBrace truly invisible?
Absolutely! Because InBrace is worn behind your teeth, the appliance is completely invisible to others. You will be able to confidently smile, speak, and laugh – all without anyone noticing you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment.


Does InBrace work for all malocclusions?
Yes! InBrace effectively treats all types of malocclusions (improperly aligned teeth), from simple movements to more complex cases. InBrace can discreetly treat a variety orthodontic issues – from crowding and spacing to misalignment.


Who is a good candidate for InBrace?
Anyone looking for orthodontic treatments can consider InBrace – especially patients seeking more discreet options. When you schedule your free consultation, you’ll meet with either of our board-certified orthodontists, Dr. Matthew Ahrens or Dr. Mary Awadallah, to determine your custom treatment plan and if InBrace is right for you.


Are there any monthly tightenings?
No. One of the key benefits of InBrace is it eliminates the need for monthly adjustments. Your personalized Smartwire guides your ongoing treatment, ensuring consistent progress without the need for frequent appointments.


Can I eat normally with InBrace?
Yes! Another benefit of this treatment is InBrace allows you to eat, drink, brush, and floss normally. Unlike other options, there are no dietary restrictions or removable trays to worry about.

Are you looking for a discrete, healthy braces alternative? Contact us to discuss InBrace today!