INBRACE – Alternative to Traditional Braces in Riverview, FL

INBRACE Orthodontics Offers a Natural, Hassle-Free Look

INBRACE Braces Are Behind Your Teeth

Many people choose orthodontics as a way to straighten their teeth in order to improve the appearance of their smile. In order to achieve this beautiful smile, orthodontic patients typically choose between traditional braces or clear aligners. While both systems are effective, they can have drawbacks such as being visible on the teeth or inconvenient during everyday use. Dr. Matthew Ahrens recognizes that some patients want truly invisible braces with minimal hassles or discomfort. We have invested in INBRACE technology, which are braces worn behind your teeth. With INBRACE, there are no brackets, wires, “attachments” or plastic trays visible in your smile.

A Discreet, Healthy Braces Alternative

INBRACE Riverview, FL
How It Works!

INBRACE takes the practice behind traditional braces and puts the brackets and wires behind your teeth rather than in front. We begin the process for INBRACE by taking digital impressions of your teeth and then forming a digital replica of what your teeth will look like after treatment. An INBRACE Smartwire is then created unique to your bite and tooth position. This wire is connected to thin brackets that are attached to the back of your teeth, which helps to gently straighten them. In some cases, INBRACE can straighten teeth in less time than other orthodontic methods, and results can begin to be seen within weeks.

Benefits of choosing INBRACE:

  • Placed discreetly behind your teeth
  • Less visits needed
  • Less reliant on patient compliance
  • More predictable results
  • Improved brushing and flossing

An Improved Orthodontic Experience

Patients who choose INBRACE do so because they do not want the brackets or wires of their braces shown or do not like the inconvenience of having to take removable aligners in and out to eat and drink. Since the thin brackets and Smartwires are placed behind teeth, patients experience better oral health by allowing them to brush and floss as normal. When seeking alternative orthodontic solutions, you should consult with a specialist who is dedicated to creating healthy, beautiful smiles. Dr. Ahrens is a board-certified orthodontist and experienced at providing orthodontic care for predictable and attractive results.

Do you want straight teeth without the embarrassment or hassles? Contact us to discuss INBRACE today!