Custom-Designing Your Future, One Smile at a Time

May 21, 2022

You’re probably not new to the idea of orthodontic care, regardless of whether or not you’ve received it yourself in the past.

But just because the treatment itself doesn’t sound new, that doesn’t mean it will actually be the same this time around. But don’t worry — we actually mean this in a good way!

In other words, what we’re trying to say is that modern technology allows us to now customize smile treatments more than ever before. Here’s what this might mean for you:

Considerations Involved in Custom Smiles

A custom smile is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: dental and orthodontic care that is specially tailored to your unique smile!

In particular, customization may come into play when it comes to your tooth color. Porcelain crowns, for example, need to match the surrounding teeth in both shade and hue in order to not stand out.

Today, the continual rise of dental technology is largely to thank for such individualized care and solutions.

How Custom Smiles Align with Your Goals

One of the most important instances wherein a patient needs a custom smile design? When it comes to orthodontic realignment.

Particularly if the patient will be utilizing clear aligners to achieve a straighter smile, the trays themselves must be customized if they are to successfully guide the teeth into place without causing any harm to the jaw or other facial features.

And that’s where revolutionary digital technology comes in! By generating 3D scans of a patient’s dental landscape, the orthodontist may provide treatments that are increasingly…

  • Comfortable
  • Discreet
  • Efficient
  • And more

What’s more? Invisalign isn’t necessarily your only option for custom aligners.

State-of-the-Art Smiles with SouthShore Orthodontics

Here at SouthShore Orthodontics, we don’t just offer Invisalign — we also provide our own in-house manufactured aligners: Simply SouthShore!

Simply Southshore is doctor-designed and directed by our very own Dr. Matt Ahrens. Additionally, both the digital scanning and 3D printing processes are completed on-site, meaning you or your child will be able to undergo treatment sooner and for a more affordable price.

“This product is great for the individual who maybe previously had some orthodontic treatment and in the years since has had some shifting occur,” Dr. Ahrens explains.

And if clear aligners aren’t the best treatment for your smile, we can also provide other customized treatments using:

So, are you ready to receive exceptional orthodontic service in a relaxing environment? Then it’s time to reach out to SouthShore Orthodontics! Smile bigger, smile healthier, and smile longer. Call us today at 813-815-0080 today to schedule your appointment for customized care.