A Passion for Our Patients: All About Patient-Centric Technology

February 13, 2022

The point of a practice is to put the patients first — and there’s no such thing as being too focused on an individual’s care. Consequently, shouldn’t an orthodontist’s technology be just as patient-centric as the whole of the team?

We think so.

Thus, we’d like to take a moment to review the patient-centric technology that is changing the community’s overall experience while in the chair:

Talking About Teledentistry

Particularly following the COVID-19 related lockdowns in 2020, patients have needed the ability to contact their care providers safely and without the necessity of physical contact. Thus, teledentistry offers a patient-centric solution that also protects physicians from potential viral transmission.

What’s more, teledentistry saves patients money in that they no longer have to pay for the gas required in commuting to an in-person appointment.

And when it comes to pediatric patients? Well, teledentistry also offers a more comfortable alternative, as parents and young patients who might otherwise experience anxiety while in the chair can now make contact with their dentist from the safety of their own home.

The Innovation Of 3D Imaging

Many adults who underwent orthodontic treatment in their youth are familiar with the painstaking process of having a dental impression made in-office. Messy, time-consuming, and sometimes unpleasant in taste, it’s simple to say that the impression process was probably less than desirable.

Thankfully, 3D scans of the individual’s teeth are now available, rendering the entirety of the planning process more precise and patient-centric.

Not only can 3D digital scans provide accurate imaging of all measurements the orthodontic team might need, but it also makes it easier for them to generate a preview of the final results, thereby keeping the patient informed before treatment begins.

Why Be Patient When You Can Print?

One of the difficulties in straightening one’s teeth is remaining patient. Particularly for patients undergoing treatment via clear aligners, waiting for each custom tray to be completed adds another stretch of in-between time that can never seem to go fast enough.

Thankfully, in-house 3D printers are now changing the game.

With this innovative technology at hand, orthodontic teams can both render and generate custom-designed trays for each patient while on-site. Thus, the total wait time is reduced and the overall treatment process can continue smoothly and as planned.

For example, here at SouthShore Orthodontics, we offer Simply SouthShore aligners for life’s everyday shifts! Featuring in-house care and in-house innovation, Simply SouthShore is an affordable alternative to commercial aligners that is also ideal for retreatment.

But if you’re not a candidate for clear aligners, don’t worry — we also offer a variety of options for all ages.

So, are you ready to receive exceptionally patient-centric service in a welcoming environment? Then it’s time to schedule with SouthShore Orthodontics! To learn more about our team and services, reach out to us today by calling (813) 815-0080.

Your smile is our passion.