3 Challenges Your Child May Face Without Braces

September 1, 2020

It’s easy to think about braces as a mere tool for achieving the smile you’ve always wanted.

And while the self-esteem boost that comes as a result of braces is certainly one of the primary perks for teenagers and children who are learning to come into their own, what if we told you that braces were also a matter of long-term dental and financial health?

So if you find yourself asking whether or not your child really needs orthodontic care, we want to encourage you to consider the challenges your child may face if they forego braces until later in life.

Challenge #1: Dental Hygiene

If your child has overcrowding or unusual spacing of their teeth, they’ll need to be more diligent regarding their dental hygiene. Not only can overlapping teeth wear away at the surface and enamel of the teeth, but any kind of misalignment can result in a buildup of plaque and food particles that require more effort to scrub or floss away.

Thus, children who grow up without braces are more susceptible to developing gum diseases and cavities, as they may not realize they need to increase their oral efforts in comparison to that of their peers with straight teeth.

Challenge #2: Head and Jaw Complications

Misaligned bites, also known as malocclusions, can also cause a misalignment of the jaw, thereby creating a cascade of other problems. Chewing, for one, can be a common challenge for those whose jaws do not align properly, making it difficult to eat food normally, as well as clean it out later.

Additionally, TMJ and headaches often afflict those with poor jaw health, as poor alignment can place enhanced stress on the joints of the jaw, known as the temporomandibular joints.

Challenge #3: Dental Trauma

Children whose teeth stick out from abnormal alignment may also be more susceptible to dental trauma. For example, studies show that children with overjet (also known as “buck teeth”) were two or three times more likely to suffer dental trauma to their permanent adult teeth.

Particularly if your child plays sports or is otherwise in a more active environment, their risk may increase. Additionally, dental misalignment that does not necessarily “stick out” out the mouth may also still result in such damage depending on how much the teeth are liable to scrape against one another.

In all, a lack of orthodontic care in your child’s life may save you money now, but cost you and/or your child both more time and money down the road. 

While adult braces are commonly seen today, we encourage that parents find proper orthodontic care for their children early on, so as to avoid the aforementioned challenges and other emergency occurrences.

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