Safety From Your Sweet Tooth: What Halloween Candy Should You Avoid If You Have Braces?

October 25, 2018

Sometimes, braces require strategy. And Halloween, in particular, is a landmine holiday full of candy and other edible goodies that have the dangerous potential to negatively impact your braces. At best, some candy may only make cleaning a more arduous task while, at worst, you’re actually putting yourself at risk for damaging or breaking your braces.

So, speaking of strategy, what types of candy do you want to try to avoid during Halloween?


Chewy Candy

When you consciously set food restrictions for yourself, it can be extremely tempting to bend and break the rules. Speaking of bending and breaking, that’s exactly what chewy, sticky candy can do to your braces. From tootsie rolls to Starbursts to taffy, you’ll want to stay away from the bad luck these candies can bring.

Apples and Nuts

As great as healthy alternatives are to Halloween candy, they aren’t necessarily safer to eat. Apples will likely be okay if sliced into small bits, but you want to be sure to never bite directly into a whole apple itself. Nuts are also too tough on wires and brackets, regardless as to whether they are whole or incorporated inside of your favorite candy bar.

Hard Candy

Jawbreakers won’t only break your jaw. Hard candies are okay if you’re only going to suck on them ‘til they dissolve, but never bite down on hard candy while wearing braces. The tough, sugary shards are likely to do more damage than they’re worth, so if you don’t trust yourself to exhibit self-control, maintaining a hands-off approach to Jolly Ranchers, Life Savers, and the like is going to be wise on Halloween.


Not only can the fluffy, white bits of popcorn get stuck under your braces, but the hard bits of kernel underneath are also likely to cause you some potential pain, both literal and metaphorical. Cleaning will be made more difficult than usual thanks to popcorn, so we recommend looking for something both softer and safer.


Sweets that start off “hard” and gradually melt into “sticky” present the worst of both worlds for braces, as they can involve any of the aforementioned issues. After all, braces may be primarily made of metal, but against some candies, they’re simply too… brittle.


While this list may leave you wondering what you can eat on Halloween, we’re here to reassure you that there are still plenty of sweet options for you! Some candies to gravitate towards as you indulge your sweet tooth include pure chocolate, soft cookies, Pixie Sticks, and more. It’s all about thinking ahead and ensuring that you clean properly after eating!

If you’re not sure what you can eat or if you need some post-Halloween maintenance, just call Southshore Orthodontics! We strive to provide excellent results and exceptional service in a welcoming environment, so schedule an appointment with us today!