Crushing Cavities This Summer

May 7, 2021

Summer is approaching, and the only thing on your mind is uncovering those deflated beach balls for a relaxing beach vacation. During this time of no homework or school, it can be easy to let things fall through the cracks as your kids begin to focus on that glorious feeling of having absolutely nothing to worry about.

However, with that summer euphoria comes the potential for tooth decay and cavities, especially since the hotter weather permits sweet treats like ice cream and popsicles. Ensuring that your children keep their teeth clean is key to having a worry-free summer as planned.

Therefore, here are a few ways to keep their smiles healthy and bright this summer!

The Hard Truth About Summer Sweets

While summer can be the perfect time to make your way to the candy store or to see the newest blockbuster, hard or sticky foods such as licorice, taffy, nuts, and popcorn should be avoided, according to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO). Not only can these snacks potentially damage your braces, but sugary foods and drinks can also lead to tooth decay and the development of cavities.

What can you eat? We recommend sticking to healthy, easy-to-chew foods, such as soup, pasta, eggs, smoothies, and fresh fruits, as long as they are cut up into bite-sized pieces.

Of course, we know that sweet treats are bound to be around in the summer; however, maintaining a healthy diet is crucial with braces, considering that plaque can quickly build up around a child’s brackets, causing permanent damage to their teeth.

Plaque Build-Up Be Gone

You may know that brushing and flossing every day is another surefire way to get rid of plaque and prevent cavities, only with braces it can be a little more challenging to target areas where food has gotten stuck. Therefore, ensuring that your kids brush their teeth at least an hour after meals is essential.

If flossing is a struggle, using a water flosser to flush out plaque and food particles can help reduce or prevent gingivitis and gum disease. Also, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), drinking fluoridated water can prevent cavities and reduce them by almost 25% in children and adults.

These tips, along with following the basics of oral hygiene, can ensure that your kid has a beautiful, pain-free smile so they can spend less time with a toothache and more time soaking up the summer rays.

Taking the Next Step to a Healthier Smile

Maybe you have more questions about caring for braces, or you’re looking to schedule your next appointment with an orthodontist who will make sure your children’s teeth are well taken care of.

Either way, SouthShore Orthodontics is the place to look. With state-of-the-art technology and board-certified specialists, we are here to help your child achieve healthy, lasting smiles they will want to show off all summer long.

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