Digitally Designing Your Dream Smile

March 10, 2020

As time progresses, the modern technology available to ensure both the comfort and success of orthodontic realignment processes only continues to get better.

From traditional braces to ceramic alternatives and the prominent rise of clear aligners, patients and dental specialists alike are finding new ways to further customize treatment plans. And today, that technology has expanded to include the age of digital impressions.

What Are Digital Impressions?

Generally speaking, dental impressions are used to replicate a patient’s mouth for dental and orthodontic purposes. Previously, traditional impressions involved a relatively messy process with “goopy” putty molds that were not always as precise as one would hope.

Now, digital impressions render more accurate replications using digital wands and computer software systems. This technology enables dental specialists to create 3D models of both the hard and soft tissues in the mouth, used for crowns, molds, aligners, and more.

What Are The Orthodontic Benefits of Digital Impressions?

Digital impressions not only capture accurate contours/grooves of the teeth and overall periodontal shapes, but they require less time in the chair, are less invasive, and provide multi-layered visualizations to the orthodontic specialist.

The specialist can also render various models of different timeframes as they pertain to the treatment. In other words, a patient can be provided with a clear image of what their teeth will look like before, during, and after the realignment treatment.

How Does This Translate To Clear Aligners?

If a mold is not precise, a patient’s clear aligners won’t fit perfectly. Thus, the treatment might be uncomfortable or, worse, not as effective as planned.

Therefore, digital impressions translate to the precise digital printing of aligners that are perfectly customized to fit a patient’s mouth. As the orthodontic specialist has greater control over the detailed results, the patient will be provided with a beautiful smile in less time and with little to no discomfort.

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