Braces Basics for Back to School

August 13, 2019

It’s natural for a parent to worry about their student’s well-being once the summer starts to close out. As you help them hoist their backpack over their shoulders and meet the school bus on time, you may be crossing your fingers that they keep both their chins and grades up as the academic challenges are turned up a notch.

But wait — there’s one more thing you don’t want to forget! Your student’s braces!

So, before the bell rings and ushers your child back toward their seat in the classroom, make sure they’re equipped with the following orthodontic supplies and tips on top of their books:

Pack a Braces-Friendly Lunch and Water Bottle

Once your student is out of the house and back on campus, you don’t exactly have the luxury of monitoring their diet.

Without a parent glancing over their shoulder, your student might be more likely to try to get away with some of the foods and snacks that are not safe for brace-wearers, but packing them a lunch of soft, safe foods that are gentle to brackets will help to mitigate the likelihood they’ll do some damage while away.

Additionally, carrying a water bottle isn’t just crucial for their hydration (though that’s important, too!) — drinking regularly will help to clear out any remaining food or debris from their wires, helping their teeth stay cleaner throughout the school day.

Send Them Off With A Braces Care Kit

Ah, yes … The all-important care kit. While this little pack is liable to hang out in a bathroom drawer or your own bag during the summer, making sure your student clears a space for it in their backpack will help them maintain their oral hygiene or keep invisible aligners clean between bells.

There are some extra things you can throw in to make the process easier, as well, particularly if your student now has a locker of their own.

Installing a small shelf can create more manageable storage that makes it easier to grab their kit on the go, and adding a locker mirror will make passing glances at their teeth a breeze while they swap out their textbooks.

Don’t Forget the Mouth Guard

Does your student still have recess or participate in other physical extracurriculars? An orthodontic mouthguard isn’t just helpful for your child — it can keep their braces and face safe from injury.

Particularly in sports, it can be easy for your child to accidentally damage their braces or bend wires and brackets. And, even if the braces themselves retain their shape, the metal can still cut or harm the inside of their mouth.

Helping your student prepare for back to school can involve a variety of tasks and strategies, but making sure they’re able to take care of their braces doesn’t have to be difficult! If you have any further questions about how you can help them prepare their braces for back to school, or if they are in need of an adjustment, be sure to contact SouthShore Orthodontics. We provide exceptional service in a welcoming environment, so don’t forget to contact us today at (813) 815-0080 to schedule an appointment!