New Year, New you, New Smile!

February 5, 2019

We see you, feeling pretty good about yourself, but still looking for that New Year’s resolution? Got your diet in check, already joined the gym.. What else is there? How about the perfect smile? Teeth tend to move over time, so whether you’ve had braces in the past and your smile isn’t what it used to be, or you’ve been considering correction for awhile now, the new year is a great time to resolve everything about your smile that might be making you frown.

At SouthShore Orthodontics, we have all of the correction options you could possibly want to design the smile of your dreams! Orthodontics has come a long way from the bulky, metal-mouths of the past to a wholly personalized experience. You have options now, each one serving the purpose of providing you with straight, properly aligned teeth – which reduces the risk of gum disease and increases self confidence!

Traditional Braces

Traditional Braces treat a wide array of cosmetic and functional teeth and jaw problems. They are often the best option in more severe cases of malocclusion and tooth rotation, or when vertical tooth movement is needed.

Traditional braces correct:

-Open bite
-Crooked teeth
-Short or elongated teeth


Inbrace is an orthodontic solution that we can really get behind! And we mean that quite literally! Inbrace is an innovative technique where the traditional idea of braces is flipped on its back and reversed. These are braces affixed with a wire behind your teeth, allowing them to be completely invisible to the naked eye. This process is just as effective as traditional braces, but allows your corrections to be discrete. This is a solution most preferred by adults who do not like the idea of visible wires, brackets or trays.

Benefits of choosing INBRACE:

-Placed discreetly behind your teeth
-Fewer visits needed
-Less reliant on patient compliance
-More predictable results
-Improved brushing and flossing

Invisible Aligners

Invisible Aligners such as Invisalign is a good compromise between permanent traditional braces, and the completely invisible Inbrace. This solution uses a series of comfortable clear aligners that progressively straighten your teeth over a period of time, changing out the aligners, and replacing them with new ones as your teeth progress toward perfection.

Benefits of choosing Invisalign:

-Comfortable, clear aligners
-Nearly invisible
-No metal
-No soft tissue irritation
-No dietary restrictions
-Better homecare results
-Reduced risk for gum disease and decay

No matter which route you choose, you can’t go wrong with SouthShore Orthodontics. So give us a call at (813) 291-2010 to set up your consultation today! We look forward to seeing you smile.