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Today’s Orthodontic Technology Delivers Greater Precision and More Predictable End Results

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Advance Your Oral Health and Smile With Modern Orthodontic Technology

Did you wear braces a child or teenager? Today’s technology has ushered in a whole new generation of advanced treatments. Teens and adults have the option for clear braces. Treatment times are shortened. Even traditional braces have evolved to be smaller, more streamlined and less bulky than earlier systems. The field of orthodontics has significantly improved through the use of advanced techniques, protocols and procedures. Thanks to modern technology, wearing braces today is easier, less invasive and far more comfortable than ever before. It is an exciting time to be an orthodontic patient!

Advanced Orthodontic Technology Riverview, FL

“New technologies made a huge impact in orthodontics. One of the biggest things is moving to a more digital framework of treatment.”
-Matthew Ahrens DMD

Our Advanced Orthodontic Technology Improves Safety, Comfort and End Results

Advanced Orthodontic Technology Riverview, FL

At SouthShore Orthodontics, we focus on providing patient comfort, safety and high-quality care. We accomplish these goals through advanced orthodontic technology and an unwavering commitment to dental excellence.
Some of our modern technologies include:

  • Digital x-rays for safer, low-radiation imaging
  • Invisalign® clear aligners for discreet teeth straightening
  • Picasso® soft tissue dental laser for frenectomies and tooth exposures
  • Temporary anchorage devices (TADs) for complex cases like bite realignment

Advanced Technology Enhances the Orthodontic Patient’s Experience

We invest in technology that makes your experience more efficient, comfortable and enjoyable. Our advanced orthodontic technology benefits your family’s oral health in a number of ways. Digital x-rays enable precision diagnosis and treatment planning. Our Picasso® soft tissue dental laser aids in frenectomies and tooth exposures. Laser helps speed up treatment and reduce recovery time. TADs enable greater control over tooth movement for more predictable results. And Invisalign® lets you straighten your smile with nearly invisible clear aligners. From our soothing office design to minimally invasive procedures, we are fully committed to your comfort, care and lasting smile results!

Want more on how technology can benefit your family’s oral health? Call now to speak with our friendly team!

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